Thoughts on Purpose


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buy eldepryl online This is an excerpt from my book.  I welcome any feedback speaking specifically to the content in support of it, likewise those opinions that stand in opposition to my viewpoint.

Thoughts on Purpose

The removal of purpose as a foundation within the lives of the individuals inhabiting human culture, has lead to an ever more meaningless society, while many individuals in effect are lacking identity; they find themselves on an endless search to fill a void. If purpose and meaning no longer have value on a grand scale, the individuals whom look toward the grand scheme to find their way, in turn adopt a meaningless pursuit as they venture out into the world. As society adopts meaningless viewpoints pertaining to the big questions on the mind of every human being, such as how we got here and what our purpose is, those individuals up and coming are likely to adopt a portion of these viewpoints and imbed it into their own belief structure. This is an important factor in the development of human culture as beliefs about who we are and how we got here have a profound effect on what we do and the contributions we make to the world we live in. So, as we advance as a human culture, the principles residing within the advancements, will likely have some effect on the individuals inhabiting the culture. Furthermore, principles deprived of meaning contribute to the degradation of meaning within the individuals themselves. As individuals find their lives deprived of any meaning, those individuals will find it difficult to discover their purpose; and a life lacking purpose finds it easier to conform to the popular ideological culture surrounding them. In this case, the widespread popular ideological culture is one that has been relegated to the purely physical level-it is know as Materialism, or rather the Materialist Worldview. Most people when they think about materialism refer to it as individuals who value material possessions above all things. That is part of it, but it runs deeper than that-in fact far deeper than you might expect. As research professor of psychiatry at the UCLA school of medicine Jeffery M. Schwartz, M.D., puts it, “Materialism, of course, is the belief that only the physical is ontologically valid and that, going even further, nothing that is not physical-of which mind and consciousness are the paramount examples-can even exist in the sense of being a measureable, real entity.” That which is incapable of being measured creates a conflict within the scientific community and therefore causes select members among the scientific community to reduce phenomena pertaining to human existence to the level to which it can be observed and measured. Furthermore, those hypotheses incapable of measurement and observation are very often discredited all together. The problem with this is the scientific community has attempted to answer many of the big questions on the mind of every human, the life altering questions, such as “why am I here?” “What is the meaning of human life?” “Is there a such thing as free will?” Many physicist and evolutionary biologists are working hard to convince the world at large that life has no meaning at all, that it is simply a random sequence of events occurring since the dawn of the “big bang.” To go even further, scientific theory is remarkably influential, and unfortunately those lacking scientific training easily fall under the persuasion of the scientific tongue, which is saturated with materialist reductionism. So in this case the scientific community, which is highly regarded as an authority in our human culture-especially in western civilization, often produces information consistent with a reductionist approach to experimentation and analysis. Therefore, the information generated by the scientific community, which is shared with the general public, will likely be clothed in the reductionist beliefs of the inquirer, which is likely invisible to the untrained eye.

Written by,
John J Barrett Jr.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Purpose”

  1. ” Thoughts On Purpose” is so profound, deep, meaningful, important, and relevant. I needed many readings to digest the concepts. I will revisit this excerpt many more times and give further feedback in the future.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. These topics are all from the heart. There are no financial rewards attached to them. Only the rewards they bring to the people they inspire.


  3. This is going to be a great book. I think its crazy how people can have so much faith in science when science cannot explain the basic laws that all SCIENCE IS BASED OFF OF. Example #1 Time no scientist can tell you what it is or where it came from. #2 space the same thing. #3 Matter. #4 consciousness. We wake up everyday and assume time is going to be there. and a scientist uses that time he knows nothing about, to run his minute observation.

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