God Don’t Make no Junk

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visit the site This column is dedicated to anyone who has been a victim of cruelty.  To those who have felt isolated and alone, to those who have felt like they do not belong, or for those who feel a little less than beautiful.  It is for the In-between ones.

Persuasion is a powerful tool, especially toward those who lost their place and feel alone.  People are constantly seeking to reconnect with their basic humanity.  We are desperate to feel like we belong to something.  Growing up we often feel pressure to buy into some form of ideology, otherwise risking isolation.  In a world that is corrupted by dissention, isolation is not a nice place to be.  Isolation in combination with secularized pressure, often leads us to fall astray and merely feel more confused.  Opportunists are on the prowl; they use intimidation and rhetorical language to persuade people to fall under their spell.  Many of those who do this simply suffer from inferiority complexes, but have found a way to compensate through force and intimidation.  These bullies merely wear masks and are often far more afraid of facing the Truth than those whom they select as prey.  Opportunistic dissenters can be found in every arena.  Bosses who have been promoted up the food chain seeking power to fuel their ego, disobedient kids unwilling to conform to the loving hand, the teenage bad boy looking to personify his image of “cool”, or the internally ugly girl who hides under her external beauty, directing ridicule toward the socially awkward, as a means to make her way round the table of life.

We have raised the bar of tolerance in this world.  We accept behaviors that are disgusting.  Very often the bully, the bad boy, the evil boss, and the viscous beauty queen are merely victims themselves, trying to fulfill a fantasy.  Our society has created the archetype.  Consume, be physically perfect, keep up with the joneses, and watch for the new fad, never get fat or old and you’ll be fine.  That is a pretty tough deal to keep up with, don’t ya think?  So what happens to those who are in-between?  The not so fortunate, the one that is slightly chubby, or extremely chubby? The one who is partially beautiful, but has acne or awkward features?  Or the one who stutters, or has a learning disorder?  Or the one missing a limb or a finger, or vision, or hearing?  What is to become of them?  If it were true, that we must meet the model of consumerism, wealth and beauty, how would the in-betweens meet that standard?  Very often they cannot meet the standard of living sold on the public stage.  They often turn to the alternative– modification of behavior and physical appearance.  The chubby ones turn to anorexia, or bulimia, the tummy tuck, diets, personal trainers, and shallow retreats.  The one with the awkward features turns to surgery, too much alcohol, excessive drugs, and promiscuous sex.  The less intellectually capable, turn to disheartened music, dark fashion trends, and rebellion toward their parents.  The physically impaired, are isolated to a demographic for the impaired as if they should be segregated from the rest.

The world is turned upside down.  We belong together, fully integrated, unified as a species.  We flourish as we unify and fall apart when we separate.  The moment we view someone as different, we begin to push that person into isolation.  The change to be made is from within our own minds.  Our perception of the world must be clear.  There must be unity from within the mind, the heart and the spirit.  Distortion appears as we deviate from this path.  We see ugliness as we distance ourselves from our basic humanity.  We lose sight of what it means to be human; we look in the mirror and no longer recognize our own identity.  We live our lives from the outside, slamming the door on our inner-beauty, remaining desperate and afraid of our own shadow as if we were brutes attacking our reflection in the mirror.

Our vision is skewed by the beliefs we have chosen to accept.  Like a solution poured over the eye, negative beliefs can impair our vision, while positive beliefs can make the blind man see.  Likewise, by pouring thoughtless outer voices into our soul, the voice of reason becomes infected by its intrusion.  As the deaf follow their inner voice, the outer voices find no entryway into the haven of their inner-beauty.  So who is impaired; those containing all their physical faculties, with perfect outer beauty, and unified sense perception? Or those with a blind eye, or a deaf ear to the contaminated cesspool of a world we live in?   I think the answer is clear.

To those who still suffer; you are beautiful.

Written by,

John J Barrett Jr

2 thoughts on “God Don’t Make no Junk”

  1. Dearest John,

    This piece is truly amazing !!!! You have a gift to put into words the things that haunt the human soul. We all need to reconnect to our humanity. One look at this twisted world and no sane person would deny that. My dear son I believe you are helping us find our way back home to ourself.

    With much love, respect and gratitude,


  2. This is a great piece. The world is a sick place in general and not just the acts of terrorism and genocide, but the human thought in general. This comes from people being sick and raising their children with the same ways without even knowing it. With small things such as telling a child they can’t be president just because you couldn’t be president. That’s the spread of mental infection. Everyone must be one with themselves before we can be one together.

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